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Bitget Overseas Exchange

Bitget Overseas Exchange Recommendation

Bitcoin Exchange 
Introducing a more secure and special coin exchange.

Bitcoin Overseas Exchange

The futures exchange with the largest number of Korean users

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Bitcoin Overseas Exchange

OKX, a world-class coin exchange from China, provides margin trading

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Bitcoin Overseas Exchange

The highest level of security and the choice of 3 million investors around the world, Huobi

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Bitcoin Overseas Exchange

Get 500 USDT as a signup bonus.

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Bitcoin Overseas Exchange

If you need a high trading volume and a verified company, Bybit is recommended

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Bitget Overseas Exchange Information

There are many bitcoin exchanges online. If so, which overseas coin exchange  should we choose among numerous coin exchanges ?

As for the basic factors in choosing a Bitcoin Futures Exchange, you should first check the following three things.

  • security and safety
  • Transparent and verified financial power
  • customer service

The above three elements must be followed by any Bitcoin margin exchange. The starting point of common financial accidents, security accidents, or other accidents is most likely to have occurred in the absence of the above three elements.

Bitget Overseas Futures Exchange

3 elements of a safe coin futures exchange

Bitget security and safety

Security and safety go hand in hand.

It would be the worst feeling to have someone intercept or steal something from you. There is an analysis that the recent bankruptcy application of FTX can affect the entire financial market beyond the virtual currency market to the extent that it is called the ‘coin version of Lehman incident’ and the ‘Enron incident’. Stakeholders who have made financial transactions with FTX in any form range from venture capitalists, pension funds, coin companies, as well as individual investors and celebrities.
Therefore, if the deposit and withdrawal system guarantees safety without monetary accidents based on transparent and verified financial power, can it be trusted and used? After that, you need to make sure it’s really secure. Starting with server security, security systems from various angles must be applied to make it a safe bitcoin overseas exchange.
Please use verified coin exchanges such as Bitget, Binance, OKX, Bybit, Kucoin, etc.


As it attracts the largest number of customers around the world, Bitget can be confident that it is more secure than other brands or other margin sites in terms of security and safety.

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best interface bitget

Bitget APIs and interfaces make us more entertained.

With the rapid development of technology, times are changing and people are changing accordingly. The same goes for Margin Exchange, and Bitget Overseas Exchange is also applying current technology in line with the times. Listing of popular ICO items is fast, and the commission is less than 0.1% to 0.06%, which is very cheapExchanges that support perfect Hangul are also included. The interface is very clean.It includes exchanges that support stop loss, API, etc. All hard forks and AIRDROP are supported. : We recommend exchanges that support Bitcoin forks, NEO gas, etc.

We have restarted LAUNCHPAD, which makes it easy to participate in ICOs on bitcoin overseas exchanges. Complete mobile app transaction support. Both IOS and Android are supported.You can also trade with your own program.


Bitget Guide

24-hour customer service center

Bitget Overseas Exchange is always with its members.

Fast customer service is a must, not an option. In order to provide better service through quick communication with members, Bitget Exchange always operates a customer center 24 hours a day. If a problem arises during or about to proceed with a trade, we want a quick resolution. Due to the nature of futures trading and margin trading, there are many times when every minute and every second is precious. Perhaps frequent troubles also occur frequently in the corresponding section. For this reason, 

24-hour customer service can be seen as the most basic of the basics that an exchange must have.

We are always on standby to protect your property.

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Bitcoin at a glance

Learn Bitcoin and Altcoins

Bitcoin is a virtual currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, and has a structure in which there is no central device that issues and manages currency.
Instead, transactions in Bitcoin are made by a P2P-based distributed database, and transactions are performed based on public key cryptography.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an online cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. The unit of currency for Bitcoin is BTC. It was developed by a programmer under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in October 2008, and the program source was distributed in January 2009. It is designed to enable financial transactions such as remittance freely between individuals in a peer-to-peer manner on a global scale without a central bank. In addition, it does not go through the central bank, so the burden of fees is low. It is impossible to hack because the transaction ledger is distributed and stored on servers of many users on a global scale based on block chain technology. It uses a cryptographic hash function based on SHA-256. The source code of Bitcoin was released in 2009, and various altcoins such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Litecoin, Acoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash, Quantum, etc. Coins were created. Altcoin means a cryptocurrency that appeared after Bitcoin, and Bitcoin serves as a kind of key currency among various altcoins.

What is an Altcoin?

A term referring to a late cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin, the pioneer of the cryptocurrency market. 

It is an abbreviation of ‘Alternative coin’ in English.
It is called altcoin regardless of whether it is major or minor, but there are some names that do not have a coin at the end, such as Ethereum. Among them, there are powerful coins that are expected to succeed Bitcoin, dozens and hundreds of small and medium-sized coins that are not well known, and scam coins created for malicious purposes to extort investors’ 

money Altcoins are usually classified as: Banknotes: Altcoins worth more than 1,000 won Coins: Altcoins between 100 won and1,000won Coins: Altcoins less than 100 won

Bitcoin is already entering its 15th year. But I don’t think it’s a very long time. So, among more and more Bitcoin overseas transactions, we are trying to place great significance on the fact that many celebrities have to use a verified and verified coin exchange to enjoy it more comfortably and safely.

BitGetCoin Exchange Bitcoin Overseas Exchange

Coin Margin Exchange | Coin Futures Exchange

Due to the Bitcoin craze, there are numerous Bitcoin exchanges around the world or by country. However, even considering the FTX bankruptcy filing in 2022, 

we must use the safest and most proven coin futures exchange.

Do you all think that the bitcoin overseas exchange you use is safe?

Bitget Overseas Exchange | Bitget Futures Exchange We only recommend certain places.

There are counterfeit markets everywhere in the world. Similar to bitcoin overseas exchanges, phishing sites exist by imitating large-scale coin futures exchanges. The part we need to be careful of is that we should not sign up for an unverified coin margin exchange . In any case, you should avoid indiscriminate source of the coin exchange you are using or small unverified bitcoin overseas exchanges.

Bitget Exchange is the first. What exchange is it?

Bitgetcoin Futures Exchange | Bitgetcoin Margin Exchange is safe when recommended by an agency like us.

We have heard and encountered a lot through Bitcoin related communities or Bitcoin bulletin boards, but
only ourselves can protect our precious property. Please check the size of your coin exchange on the verification site used by coin investors around the world.

 Can Bitget Futures Exchange be used by beginners?

Bitget Overseas Futures Exchange operates a manual for beginners and a 24-hour customer center.

We basically provide various manuals, such as membership registration of the Bitget overseas exchange, how to use, guide, how to start, coin futures, and coin spot explanations, and more detailed elements can be checked through the work of CS CENTER. As there is no one who knows and does well from the beginning, Bitget presents a user guide from start to finish and operates through communication with members.

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Futures check-in event will be held. You can get 50 USDT for one check-in. Rewards are available to a limited number of participants. Sign up now!

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The GPT Trading Event is here! If you trade 100 USDT in GPT, you can get 50 BGB. Total Prize Pool: 100,000 BGB. Rewards are available to a limited number of participants. Sign up now!

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This week's copy trade rewards are ready! Loss compensation, compensation boost is already ready! There is a total prize pool of USD 100,000 and the chance to win limited edition co-branded merchandise. Sign up now!

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Deposit Reward: We are preparing a 30% rebate event! Deposit to get a rebate of up to 30% limited to 3500 USDT. Gentle Monster X Maison Margiela sunglasses are also available!

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We are launching exclusive rewards for new users! Earn 10 BGB by trading, deposit and receive a trading bonus of up to 200 USD T! Sign up now!

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We are holding a friend invite event on Bitget. The more friends you invite, the bigger rewards you get. Both you and your friends will receive generous rewards for completing tasks during the event.


If you need the most Korean futures exchange, Bitget is recommended.

50% discount on fees



OKX, a world-class coin exchange from China, provides margin trading

30% discount on fees



Highest level of security and 30% fee discount when signing up for Huobi, which is chosen by 3 million investors worldwide


Get 500 USDT as a Kucoin Signup Bonus.